Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Marketing

With more than 500 million Instagrammers and 300 million daily users among them, Instagram is a great platform for marketers to get connected with potential clients and customers. It is one thing to have personal Instagram profile to post your best photos, and it is another thing to create a great presence on Instagram as a marketer. In the second case you need to be a bit calculative and strategical. In order to promote your business successfully you need to keep in mind certain aspects and develop certain strategies. 

Create Your Bio Strategically 

Use your bio links to make users land on the page containing the same posts you upload on Instagram. This will connect the viewers of your post to your business website. The Instagram posts can act as a gateway to your ecommerce site, blogs, and the pages related to your business. So, creating your bio strategically and using it along with the post your upload on Instagram you can make yourself visible to a greater number of users. 

Use The Best Photos 

You need to make sure that you upload high quality photos on Instagram in order to promote your business or products effectively. You can use the shoot square tool to compose better and high quality photos. Many smartphones and digital cameras have this tool which save time and make sure that important elements of the photograph don’t get cropped out later. Since there are limited tools in the Instagram app, you can use other apps which can compose good photos and add interesting features to your photos. 

Use Link Shortener 

You need to ensure a greater traffic on your Instagram account and also ensure that the users land to your ecommerce websites by clicking on the Instagram link. In order to drive traffic to your landing page more effectively, it is recommended that you use any form of customized link shortener. This will help you to monitor click rates accurately and drive traffic to your posts and the intended landing page. 

Include Hashtags And Emoji 

You can include the trending hashtags in your post if they seem relevant to your business. This can aid discovery of your post by the users searching on the topic concerned. Instagram has also introduced the process of searching by emoji. You can include relevant emoji goes well with your products and ensure a more prominent presence on Instagram.

With these social media marketing strategies and knowledge, you can ensure a more effective marketing of your products and services on Instagram.


Credits: E Digital Marketing Bangalore